Song for you
A professional, personalised song writing service.​​
​Born in Scotland, with roots worldwide.


About the creator of 'Song for You'
Leighann can't remember a time when she didnt write songs and poems. By age 5, she was signing solos in primary and by age 8, had her first guitar. Now she had an acompaniment to all these words.
She loved poems and won the Robert Burns Poetry reading every year she entered, along with the singing and the Gold Award for writing too. Whilst in Primary she also won The North East Library story writing contest. She regularly got called up in front of her class mates to read her stories aloud.
Leighann wrote songs about, and sang them to the animals on the farm she grew up on. She recalls they were her first audience.
Leighann is a sensitive soul so you can be guaranteed she will do her upmost to make sure your song reflects what your feeling. At 'Song for You', our aim is to make you, and everyone around you happy.
Dolly Parton was the first singer/sonwriter she remembers listening to. She wrote stories, not just songs. This is where Leighann's heart lies. She has written and recorded numerous original songs, and realeased two of them,  both of which gained entry in to the itunes charts. 
Over the years she has written  poems and songs for friends, family and co-workers for leaving do's, birthdays and sang a few couples down the ailse too.
 Leighann is also a private music teacher who gently encourages her pupils to get out there and perform, to play with others and to have a wee go at writing a song too. Whether its because they are sad about something, or they have a funny story and we have just learnt a new chord and need to find a way of remembering it. 
Music is therapy to a lot of people. Its a way to release feelings whether that be to boogie the night away with friends, or blubber in your wine glass like Bridget Jones. 
Leighann knows for sure that the best part of this job, is that shes putting a smile on someones face. 'Song for you' invites you to make someone smile together today.

Please allow at least 4 weeks notice for Bronze Package and 8 weeks for Gold Package.
Is to make people happy, pure and simple.
Based in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire but ​I can deliver this service Worldwide as everything can be done by email. If a more in depth consultaion is needed then we can facetime.