Song for you
A professional, personalised song writing service.​​
​Born in Scotland, with roots worldwide.
Hello and welcome.
S​ong for you is exactly that. A bespoke song written for you, from you, to whoever, or whatever occasion you feel deserves this truely unique and special experience.

​( More Soundcloud Music will be added very soon)


Whatever kind of package your looking for, we have it. From the very basic recording sent straight into your inbox, to top of the range completely bespoke song in which you are included in the process every step of the way, you can even sing on it too! All packages can be altered to your needs.
Sing a simple song Package
Great for childrens birthdays, or a last minute gift. You send us details, stories, memories etc and I'll write a song and make a simple recording for you with vocals and acoustic guitar. Take a look on my Soundcloud page for ideas that we can write your short song to.  We'll then send the recording straight to your email or messenger for you to surprise the special person with. Pretend a song all about them has come on the radio! 

Price from £49
Add a personlised CD for £10

Video Package
Send us your photos and iphone video clips and we will make a video to go with your song for that extra special va va voom! 

Price will vary depending on length of song and quantity of photos and videos to be included.

Song for you Package
​Perfect for Hen Do's, Stag Do's, Birthdays, Leaving do's and any other fun event where you all club together for that special gift. Send me eveything you would like included in the song. Pick which style of music you would like from my Sound Cloud page. Send me a couple of photographs of the special person/people for their personilsed CD. I will do my best to add an extra particular instrument if you require although this will take more time which would  may add to the cost.
Prices from £99

Add on Your the star package.

Your the star package
​(coming soon)
Then.......visit us in our music room and we will teach you how to sing it for them, or, take the hen with you so you can do a flash mob at the wedding for the groom! I'll give you all printed copies of the lyrics so you dont forget your words! I can send the recording straight to your phone so you can ask the DJ or whoevers in charge of the music to plug in your phone and off you go! You can even sing on the recording too!

Price £20 per hour, and £10 per person. 
Gold Package
This package is ideal for couples planning for their wedding. The happy couple can come visit me in my music room and we can discuss what kind of feel you'd like for your song so you will very much part of the process. Or it may be a gift from one to the other as a surprise. The song will be professionaly recorded, and will be both on CD and audio file. You will also be given a handwritten scroll with the words beautifully laid out for you to display. 
Add the video package for that extra special touch.

 You could play the song for your first dance or Leighann can perform the song live at your ceremony  for an extra charge (availabilty permitting).

Price from £199

Funeral Package
At "Song for You', we realise what a difficult time this is, and would really like to try and bring some comfort through music and memories. Some people find it hard to talk publicly, especially at a time like this so let 'Song for you' sing the words for you. A phone consultation or vist if possible would be needed to make sure the song is completley suitable to honour the life of your loved one. Your song can be sung to the tune of 'Amazing Grace'. I'm afraid I wouldnt be available to  perform the song at the funeral.
Listen on my sound cloud page.

Price from £99
  1. Weddings & Anniversaries
    Weddings & Anniversaries
    Want to give the most special gift, your heart in a song. Or maybe you'd like to turn your vows into something you can both listen to together. Or make grandparents smile with a musical trip down memory for their Golden Wedding. Their smiles will last a lifetime.
  2. Parties
    Hen's, stag, leaving employment, engagement and birthday party's. The list goes on. Can't think what to get Bessie from accounts for a leaving present, how about to know she is loved and appreciated by her employer and co workers.
  3. Children's Birthdays
    Children's Birthdays
    Treat your wee cherub to the best birthday ever! Tell me all the mischief and laughter they cause, who their secret crush is, what makes them happy, then watch as their face lights up when they realise just how special they are.
  4. Funerals
    Share with me your feelings, your memories, the stories, happy and sad that you would like to share with family and friends. Let me put all those wonderful memories into a song, to be heard, and even sang by everyone who hears it.
        *Christmas Special*
Children LOVE letters from Santa, so how much are they going to LOVE a song from Santa's Elves!!

Just give us a few details, how they've been naughty and nice, what presents they've asked for, their name and a couple photos for the CD. Your childs name will be sung by the Elves at the beginning and the end of the song, and the whole last verse is written soley about them!! If they didnt't believe in Santa before...they will now!
 Then, its up to you whether you want to play the song to them as they are drifiting off to sleep on Christmas Eve, or whether to do it a week early to make sure they are on their best behaviour that week, leaving you free to pluck the turkey and time to wrap those oversized presents.
Go to my Sound Cloud page to listen to the song.

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